Graduations, “May-hem” and Looking Forward to Water From the Rock Retreat at Cabrini

So I will start by saying that the original idea for posting again was shameless marketing to promote the upcoming retreat presented through the Notre Dame Club of Denver. Of course on reflecting on this past month, I realize how wonderful it will be to stop, listen and take in moments with Our Lord and Our Lady at Cabrini Shrine in anticipation of the Feast of Corpus Christi.

When you are a parent, May is the craziest month. School is winding down with the usual graduations, final exams and summer activities planned and begun. If you are Catholic, throw in First Communions and Confirmations, maybe a wedding over Memorial Day weekend or other family activities. This year was exceptional for my extended family: my youngest sister graduated from Notre Dame with her MBA (May 17), twin nephews from Regis Boys (morning of May 18), my niece was Confirmed (afternoon of May 18), my newest Cotillion group of the eighth grade class at St. Vincent’s had their presentation that we only had 5 weeks to prepare, May 22, and the coup de grace, my oldest son graduated Mullen at 9:00am on May 24 and my daughter graduated Chapman University in California that same evening 6:30pm pacific time! It officially made for May-hem!

In the midst of all this, I found myself yearning for quiet. It is intriguing how we say we thrive on activity, yet it is the quiet that allows for reflection. It is simple as a mother to appreciate the small line from St. Luke’s Gospel “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19) Now many mothers have words out there on the internet about that small line because it touches all of us so deeply. We are the keepers of the stories of our children as, often, we are blessed enough to spend more time with them. They are of us, we carry them and slowly release them to the path that Our Lord has made for them to follow.

My son had a lovely Mass at his graduation. He had himself commissioned so that he could give us Communion. I lost it. Seeing him in his cap and gown, holding the Eucharist for me was overwhelming. To have given your children so much and then to have them be able to give you the Eucharist… words fail me.

My daughter’s graduation was exciting. My moment was just after she received her diploma. A smile as she looked over her shoulder holding up her diploma and kicking up a heel, was a victory for her and pure joy for me. She had made it through four years, away from home. She has found her talent and the future is before her.

These are just the beginnings of my reflections. I look forward to time at the “Water from the Rock” Retreat at Cabrini Shrine (yes, this is the shameless plug), some quiet and Our Lord’s Presence as I reflect and pray for my children’s and my own future. I will have a little rest from the excitement and the opportunity to pray deeply. I hope you can come too!

go to and click on the event page – Sign up now!

Note: Our priest is Father Peter Rocca of the University of Notre Dame Basilica and our retreat director is Joanne Holt of St. Thomas Moore. The retreat is co-ed and overnight.


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