For Boston

Yesterday, we witnessed a great tragedy at the Boston Marathon.
We saw the images of the explosion, the blood, the injury.
We stood in still, silent shock.

Today, we fall to our knees and reach out to You.

In Thanksgiving for everyday heroes,
for first responders,
for those who ran toward the explosions,
for those who fashioned makeshift tourniquets,
for those who saved lives.

In pain for Martin Richard, dead at 8 years old,
for Krystle Campbell,
for the as-of-yet unidentified third victim,
for those injured, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,
for our own emotional and spiritual damage as witnesses,
caused by the cruelty of another.

In need for peace,
for patience,
for understanding,
for the ability to find forgiveness within ourselves.

Today we fall to our knees and pray to You without direction, without words, but with open hearts for the healing of humanity in the wake of this tragedy.

I grew up in Boston, and my family is still located in the area. I am feeling very thankful today that my brother and his girlfriend were visiting my mother in the suburbs, and that my father was at work and not taking a break to hop across the river and watch the end of the marathon. I am incredibly grateful to have heard from friends and acquaintances alike who were running the marathon, assuring us that they were out of harm’s way.

Yesterday was a very difficult today. So is today. So will tomorrow be. But even as we bow our heads in continued prayer for the healing of humanity, the prevention of evil, and the execution of God’s will, we pick ourselves up and carry forward.

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