Hang In There

We all have stressors in our lives. Stress comes in many shapes and sizes, as we all know. There are the small daily things, the morning rush, the annoying coworker, the crying child. Then there is the made up stress so many of us bring upon ourselves in the form of worrying. But there is a third type, between those. The stressors that come into our lives and hang over us, that keep us from enjoying our days and distract us from the important things in our lives. These can be anything from money troubles to relationship issues to a job.

All of these stressors can pull you away from God. With awareness and a little effort, the small, continuous stressors and the self created worries can be overcome and our relationship with God maintained. It is the sneaky, joy-stealing stressors that find there way between us and our Lord before we even know they’re there. And they are some of the hardest stressors to eliminate from our lives.

There is a saving grace, however. A Grace given to us even when we are not looking for it. At the times when these insidious stressors find there ways into our lives, when we think we’re facing the insurmountable obstacle, all we have to do is just “Hang In There” and God, who is always looking out for us, will help us find our way.

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