Washing of Feet: Story from a Retreatant

This story comes from Haley, a participant (and the keynote speaker!) from the first Denver LOL Retreat.

Sunday night, when my two boys (ages 7 & 9) and I got home from a night time walk on the beach, their feet were filthy. Of course, as boys they didn’t care, but I couldn’t allow them to go to bed with dirty feet.
Still basking in the Graces of the weekend, I put their feet in water and began to wash them, carefully with water and then drying them. The significance was not lost on me – and I took the opportunity to share with them a story:
Do you know that Jesus washed the feet of his friends, the Disciples?
My oldest giggled and said, Well that’s silly. He’s God. Why was he washing feet?
I said, Because that’s how much He loved them – and how much He loves you.
My son looked at me and said: And how much you love me too, right?

What an AWESOME way for this mother to end my retreat weekend!!

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