LOL Denver: Three Days Later

A few days out of the Inaugural Ladies of Our Lady Retreat at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado, I am beginning to sift through my experience.  I am overwhelmed and humbled to have been able to take part in the weekend.  To feel the Holy Spirit working through my words and actions is such an incredible reminder of the presence of God.

More than anything, I am grateful for the community of women that was created.  Some of us were recent graduates.  Some of us were from the original class of women.  Some of us weren’t alums at all, but joined the ND family as mothers, spouses or educators.  Some of us were married, some of us were mothers, some of us were single.  Some of us had a best friend we went to the retreat with; some of us went completely alone.  Some of us came from down the street; some of us from across the country. 

It didn’t matter.

To borrow from what one of the retreatants, DawnMarie, said, we became mothers and sisters to each other.  We delved into the weekend and became the ND Family in the deepest sense.  For what can bind a group together more tightly than a joined spiritual seeking?

The retreat was designed to feed a spiritual hunger.  Women have been expressing a desire for a spiritual experience with substance, an experience beyond the obvious.  Christine & I planned the retreat with this in mind, but it was completely dependant on how the retreatants approached the weekend.

We were blown away with the dedication and devotion our fellow women brought to the experience.  Whatever the expectations or fears or hopes everyone had, they all came ready and willing to put themselves on the line and create a place to come to God.  No spiritual cotton candy here! 

None of this would have been possible without Fr. Don Dilg, CSC.  Having a priest so willing to take part in the weekend at a level far beyond simply facilitating the sacraments allowed us to go even deeper.

My thanks go out to all of the participants of this weekend, from Lynsey and Christine starting the planning and bringing me on board, to everyone who made Saturday’s ND Club of Denver dinner possible, our speaker Haley, to everyone who provided support for us out-of-towners, and most especially to everyone who took a risk on a weekend retreat.  Thank you for your role in creating such a wonderful experience.

Be excited for what will come.


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